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Peabody Journal of Education special issue

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Description This is a special issue, on homeschooling, of the scholarly Peabody Journal of Education (2013), with Dr. Brian Ray serving as the guest editor. The articles range from basic research to philosophical. Although they are academic, most laypersons – especially if interested in home-based education – will understand them and be engaged in the scholars’ work.

Following is the table of contents of the articles and their authors:

Homeschooling Rising Into the Twenty-First Century: Editor's Introduction Brian D. Ray

Resisting the Status Quo: The Narratives of Black Homeschoolers in Metro-Atlanta and Metro-DC, by Cheryl Fields-Smith & Monica Wells Kisura

Homeschooling and the Question of Socialization Revisited, by Richard G. Medlin

Confrontation and Cooperation: The Complicated Relationship Between Homeschoolers and Public Schools, by Donna M. Johnson

Reflections on a Decade of Changes in Homeschooling and the Homeschooled Into Higher Education, by Gene W. Gloeckner & Paul Jones

Homeschooling Associated with Beneficial Learner and Societal Outcomes but Educators Do Not Promote It, by Brian D. Ray

Saving Democratic Education from Itself: Why We Need Homeschooling, by Perry L. Glanzer

Hostility or Indifference? The Marginalization of Homeschooling in the Education Profession, by Charles Howell

A Question of Resistance to Home Education and the Culture of School-Based Education, by Blane Després

Does Homeschooling “Work”? A Critique of the Empirical Claims and Agenda of Advocacy Organizations, by Christopher Lubienski, Tiffany Puckett & T. Jameson Brewer

Tolerance and Liberty: Answering the Academic Left's Challenge to Homeschooling Freedom, by Michael Farris

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