Homeschooling Research Studies, References, Academic Scholarship, and Bibliographies

NHERI and Dr. Brian Ray have been following, compiling, and disseminating all research on homeschooling and parent-led education since about 1984. They also conduct homeschooling research. The following two bibliographies are essential resources to any person exploring or studying homeschooling research or conducting homeschool research (or home school research).

Home Centered Learning Annotated Bibliography
Access, explore, sort, and export over 1,800 homeschooling research references, and more. These are organized by author, topic, keywords, date, type of publication, and more. Of great help to researchers and scholars, most of the entries are carefully annotated. Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. has been compiling and annotating these references for over 27 years. This is a remarkably comprehensive, in-depth, and unique bibliography.

Bibliography of Research on Homeschooling – International
Quickly find select key international academic and research references and resources on homeschooling research or scholarship (also called home education or home-based education around the world) in countries in addition to the United States.