Celebrating 30 Years of Research on Homeschooling

It’s NHERI’s 30th Anniversary! Thirty years ago some fore-thinkers and status-quo changers got together and founded the nonprofit National Home Education Research Institute think tank. NHERI has been going full speed ahead ever since!

I am full of gratitude and thank the many people who have been an essential part of NHERI’s service to families, journalists, scholars, courts, graduate students, policymakers, legislators, and the general public.

“NHERI is the oldest and most trustworthy research center on home education in the world. In its publications, one can find answers to every fundamental issue in the field,” writes Marek Budajczak, Ph.D., Professor, University of Adam Mickiewicz, Poznañ, Poland. I can tell you that NHERI is poised to continue leading the way as the key internationally recognized think tank on homeschool research and scholarship for another 30 years.

The video is a concentrated lesson on both NHERI’s history and future and research philosophy. Please watch it. The booklet will show you some engaging facts, fun photos, stupendous endorsements, historical points, and future projects.

Please dig in, enjoy, and see why you will want to support NHERI into its next decades serving families, scholars, the media, and others across America and around the world.

— Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.
NHERI President


Tamiko Mitchell - Homeschool Parent

NHERI is the organization that is definitely needed. One, for the research. Two, for the resources. For African American families, the research has helped solidify the decision to homeschool.”

“I am glad to know that are people like you at NHERI willing to conduct, analyze, and evaluate true scientific studies on homeschool success outcomes, not social studies done to drive data-driven critiques of education freedom and choice.”

“I have testified in the legislatures of West Virginia, Virginia, Maine, Illinois, South Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Idaho, Nevada, and Maryland. Virtually without exception, Brian Ray’s and NHERI’s outstanding research has provided the scientific “clout” I needed. His work deserves a share of the credit for every good homeschool bill that has been enacted and every bad one that has been defeated.”