Home School Researcher (journal) Manuscript Submission Guidelines for Authors

Home School Researcher (HSR) is a peer-reviewed (refereed, juried) journal that is read by a wide audience of those interested in keeping abreast of homeschooling research (i.e., research on home education, home-based education, homeschooling, or home schooling).

HSR is interested in original research addressing many topics and based on various methodological approaches. The variety includes but is not limited to the historical, philosophical, pedagogical, political, social movement, student outcomes, psychological, quantitative, and qualitative. HSR is interested in submissions from those in any nation.

HSR also considers editorial type, reflection, or commentary articles that would not be subjected to the same rigorous refereed process as the research pieces. These are labeled “perspectives” in the journal.

Manuscripts should be in English, double-spaced, and generally 14 to 28 pages in length. Authors should follow the guidelines in Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (5th or 6th editions), with one exception: HSR prefers that authors’ complete first names should be included in the reference list.

An abstract of a maximum of 250 words should be included, along with a list of keyword descriptors A helpful list of keywords can be found at ERIC’s thesaurus (www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/resources/html/thesaurus/about_thesaurus.html). The entire manuscript (e.g., with graphics, tables, and figures) should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

All graphs, tables, charts, or other non-textual information will be inserted into the manuscript document as a graphic/picture so that the image can be formatted into the two-column format of the print version of HSR. Graphics/images should be high-resolution, about 100 dpi.

Along with the manuscript, authors should provide their position, department, organization, city, state (or country), and author’s contact email to the editor.

Home School Researcher publishes original work. No person shall submit a manuscript (and the research it represents) in any form that is substantially the same that has been published before or is currently being considered for publication by any other journal or any kind of forum. If the manuscript is published by Home School Researcher, then the author may freely give copies of it to individual persons for private use but shall not give it to any organization and shall not publish it in any public or open forum (e.g., the Internet) unless given written permission from Home School Researcher.

Home School Researcher (HSR) is a refereed (juried, peer-reviewed) journal whose articles are often included in the United States Department of Education’s database called Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), and HSR’s holds the serial number ISSN 1054 8033. HSR was founded in 1985 and is widely referred to by researchers and the general public and is unique in the world.

The current external reviewers are listed below.

Submit manuscripts electronically to:

Douglas J. Pietersma, Ed.D., Editor, Cheyenne, Wyoming USA

hsreditor @ nheri . org

cc: bray @ nheri . org