Table 3 of Rick Medlin’s “Home schooling: What’s hard? What helps?” (Home School Researcher, Volume 11 Number 4, 1995, p. 4) was incomplete. It should have listed 21 aspects (not 16). Following is the correct table.

Mean Rating                         Difficulty Item

                3.51                         Having enough time with my spouse and enough time alone
                3.32                         Avoiding interruptions during school time
                3.28                         Having enough time for other responsibilities and activities
                3.16                         Physical exhaustion
                3.05                         Being disciplined in my own schedule and work habits
                2.71                         Motivating my children in their schoolwork
                2.65                         Caring for younger children during school time
                2.43                         Developing daily lesson plans
                2.26                         Handling discipline problems with my children
                2.16                         Handling a special learning problem with one of my children
                2.13                         Feeling confident in my own ability to teach
                2.09                         Keeping records of my children¹s work
                1.88                         Financial strain that was directly related to home-schooling
                1.87                         Feeling that my children were progressing well academically
                1.84                         Arranging special activities such as field trips
                1.72                         Knowing what subjects to cover
                1.72                         Feeling supported in home-schooling by friends and family
                1.64                         Feeling that my children were progressing well socially
                1.60                         Finding good curriculum materials
                1.32                         Arranging for my children to be tested or evaluated
                1.28                         Problems with public school officials

Table 3. Mean ratings of difficulty for 21 aspects of home schooling.
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