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Big Growth in Homeschooling Indicated This “School Year” The…

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Examination of Previously Homeschooled College Students with the Big Five Model of Personality

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Homeschooled Students’ Adjustment to College


complete title:
Emotional, social and academic adjustment to college: A comparison between Christian home schooled and traditionally schooled college freshmen

Scott White, Elizabeth Williford, John Brower, Terance Collins, Roman Merry, and Maryam Washington; Home School Researcher, 2007, Volume 17, Number 4, p. 1-7.

Home schooled students’ ability to successfully adjust to college life is one important criterion to demonstrate a positive outcome of home schooling. The present study compared . . . on the College Adjustment Scale. The mean scores of the two groups were compared across the nine CAS scales designed to measure emotional, behavioral, social and academic problems typically presenting to university counseling centers. The home schooled students scored significantly . . .

Keywords, descriptors, key terms: college, college adjustment, adults, socialization, academics, home schooling, homeschooling, home education, home-based education

An Investigation of the Admission Standards of United States Colleges and Universities for Home…

The purpose of this study was to investigate the admissions standards of U.S. colleges and universities for home-schooled students.
Brian D. Villanueva, Volume 13, No. 2, 1999, p. 1-6